This morning on Cannon Beach...#explorecannonbeach
  • cannonbeachmanThis morning on Cannon Beach...#explorecannonbeach

  • karenmarie728I love these posts. Cannon Beach looks gorgeous. I'm going to have to road trip up there this summer! @cannonbeachman
  • cannonbeachman@karenmarie728 , from where you are, take the coast route up...the entire Oregon coast is breathtaking; all 364 miles. I just happened to think it gets prettier as you head north.
  • karenmarie728@cannonbeachman I'll let you know when we plan it. The girls and I have talked about the coast trip many times. It would be fun to do and to drive up. I would love to meet your kids and have you meet mine. I also can't wait to try out the brewery!
  • cannonbeachmanAhhhhh....the brewery. A dream come true. It's getting very exciting. ;)
  • cannonbeachmanI can't wait!
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