I'm 52 today (February 6th) ...Behold Bitches (sorry! I'm happy to still be alive!)
  • roddurhamI'm 52 today (February 6th) ...Behold Bitches (sorry! I'm happy to still be alive!)

  • dec1.15_@kiara_delarosa ^
  • kiaragraham_@mrs_rachelhowell I don't like this my brother passed overweight from enlarged heart this is just so sad. It's always the good ones 😔😔
  • kiaragraham_R.i.p love you touched my heart through the television
  • mrs_rachelhowellI'm sorry, this is way sad! We never have all the answers..
  • ohhzeexxI just watched your episode. You were so lovable & you seemed to brighten anyone's day by your positive personality. I am so sad to hear that you passed. You are definitely missed. 💜
  • jackiebassett_13I miss you so much 😭😭 heaven gained a really good angel that day💕 thank you for showing us that anyone can change!!! You're amazing I love you ❤️
  • priiscillajimenezRIP ❤️ Such an amazing person!!
  • ohmadarlinnI jut watched the episode. I'm so sad
  • saucey71So sad😔
  • juliablaisdellJust watched the episode I am still crying. R.I.P
  • blushedbybrittJust seen your episode.. Thought it said you passed at the end and I looked it up. I am glad that you were able to change and get your mind, body and everything in a better space. You got to live again.. Before you went to be with the Lord. 🌟
  • legzfadayzzRIP your spirit moved me through the television, blessed I know, are those that knew you. 💜
  • only1.parisRest in peace 😇😇
  • vitovilmaJust saw the episode on TLC , I am so sad right now. REST IN LOVE @roddurham @realchrispowell
  • laura_lucia_ingalls😔he was so young😔just saw the episode like a lot if people here .. Pretty unbelievable . Wish they had spoken about it instead of just that brief second of words .😔
  • felecia_eRIP ❤️❤️❤️
  • mama_c64I'm so saddened by this I just watched this R.I.P
  • itssarah_meHow did Rod die?
  • dori_grant@mrs_rachelhowell no he didn't, he didn't even have diabetes. He died from heart failure
  • ashleytiyanaI miss and need you more than anything right now😔😰
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