There are two versions of the carrot and stick story.

Both versions include a donkey.

The first version is that the carrot is attached to string at the end of the stick. With the donkey-rider holding the carrot in front of the donkey. The carrot is the motivation but can never be reached. The donkey never wakes up to the fact that it can't get the reward.

The second version is that the carrot is offered as motivation to the donkey for moving forwards. The stick is used to tap (or beat) the donkey for not moving forwards. In this story, the donkey obtains the reward but also suffers punishment for not progressing.

So when you think of carrot and stick in your organisation. Which version is it?

Or is it a third one, where the donkey can move forwards and can get the carrot without risk of being beaten?

#business #motivation
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