• drjartOur favorites found on @eggcanvas including some coming soon in 2016! Find more Ceramidin and Prescriptment masks at @Sephora!

  • haleygiovannaniI wana try the masks! @danigio_mercer
  • dulmes_gThose masks looks different than what are at Sephora...
  • danigio_mercer@haleygiovannani i saww thoseee! i wanttt
  • mrsgempisWhere can I buy these products? Sephora does not carry them all
  • sandy__bee@drjartus why don't you sell them in the UK? 🙁
  • drjart@dulmes_g these masks are in our new packaging! If they aren't in yet at your local Sephora they will be soon 💛💙💚
  • drjart@mrsgempis these aren't in stores yet but will be sometime mid 2016 🎉 we'll definitely let you know when they are in at Sephora 😉
  • drjart@sandy__bee we're trying to get there asap! We'll let you know when our products arrive in the UK. ❤️ Meanwhile Sephora ships internationally with exceptions to certain products in certain countries, so you can definitely find our products online 😉
  • kayleylynn279Is there a difference between the gel cream and the regular cream? I'm trying to decide between the two and the gel cream comes with more product and is less expensive, but is it any different?
  • drjart@kayleylynn279 the gel cream is much lighter. It's recommended for use in the summer or if you tend to have an oilier complexion. Gel cream is also typically used as a facial moisturizer whereas the regular cream can be used anywhere that needs a little extra ceramide magic 😉 hope this helps!
  • jocelynemma_I adore your products
  • dulmes_g@drjartus perfect, thanks!! 😍😍
  • nbnurse1@drjartus Is the ceramidin liquid a serum or what? Or do I still need a serum? I'm learning more about Korean skincare and trying to start incorporating more steps into my routine. Just want to get it right! Thanks!
  • drjart@nbnurse1 hi! You can use it as a serum or a light moisturizer if your skin is a bit oily. Of course we do recommend use of a stronger moisturizer after applying the Ceramidin Liquid—preferably the cream or gel-cream 😉
  • beingschmoop@drjartus where can I find the body oil here in the states?
  • lynnshaouni@msamarian
  • dondondomino@l_a_tjej
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