• audreydlongAs an advanced stage #ovarian #cancer #survivor, I have daily reminders of the trauma I experienced (in 2001-2003) and am still healing from. 👉🏼And, It gets old: the reminder that I cannot have children, the limp of my left leg, the scars that canvas my skin and insides leaving me tight and having to go to the bathroom 2-4 times a night and too many times a day to count, the fatigue, the diarrhea that leaves me drained, fears of future surgeries and long recoveries, the monitoring of tumors and blood work for metastasis, the diligent awareness of the food I put in my body, the thoughts I think, the water I drink and bathe in, and the many detoxes I do, often.
    I am not complaining.
    It's a miracle I'm alive!! And I am very, very #thankful. 🙏🏽 But the reality of surviving 13 weeks of 8-hours a day IV-chemo, a dozen blood transfusions, 5 abdominal surgeries, an #ileostomy bag, a thought-to-be-permanent catheter bag, and several #death diagnosis is real. And it affects my every day.
    Some days, it just really sucks. (Pic taken last week while on #christmas vacation with my parents.💓) #process #practicenotperfection #ovariancancer #thriveon #whatvictorylookslike #realtalk #myyogalife #vidanta #nuevovallarta

  • lo.watsonYou're such a courageous woman.
  • audreydlong@lo.ann_girl tears.... Thank you my friend. This simple statement means so much. 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💓💕🙏🏽😘
  • kristaleee❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • audreydlong@chiefditizio yes I'm looking forward to March!!!! 🙌🏽🌞💓
  • prettylittleframegirlThank you for giving me an example of what it looks like to be brave and strong and and full of life. You are loved by many! ❤
  • monymeeYou're beautiful and I am so blessed that God decided He could share you with is all for awhile.❤️
  • audreydlong@prettylittleframegirl @monymee thank you thank you!! Your words mean a lot. 🙏🏽👊🏼
  • heathermsparksYou are strong & beautiful inside & out! Your dx doesn't define you!
  • audreydlong@heathermsparks amen! 🙌🏽💓🙏🏽
  • tara_huff_You are one of the strongest people I know and I'm glad you share this about you because it helps those going through it, or those who experience just one of those things. Honestly, I didn't even know you had a limp. And I don't even see your scars even though I know you have them:) Maybe it's because we are enjoying the hell out of life every time we are together!
  • audreydlongOh @tara_huff_ I love you. Thanks for your kind words!! They help me! 👊🏼😘
  • janamparkerInspirational my friend💞
  • audreydlong😘 @janamparker
  • julieannyoung80I love and respect REAL! Thanks for speaking out and being real....im not a candycoating kinda girl either!
  • audreydlong😘😘😘 yes!! @julieannyoung80 just say no to candy coating! 😆👊🏼💗
  • julieannyoung80Lol.Ok
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