Comments anyone? #wellness #takesavillage
  • dralanchristiansonComments anyone? #wellness #takesavillage

  • cscottwellnessWow! That quote is great!! 👍🏼😊
  • paleosprouted@rayfield78
  • artofphoebebakkerI love this thought. We heal in community
  • rockhopper93Clever. I like that. It's always good and is up to you to do well for yourself. It can be a lot easier to start and kept going together. My wife and I have tried individually to get back into better health, but have realized this will workout better if we work together. I think the "we" instead of "I" inside a community will spill out towards neighboring communities like the water out of a full tub.
  • thejennifergraceCool!
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