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  • akiresA racist joke made in poor taste about war time prostitution. Very disappointed to see this on the menu @cholonbistro I most definitely will not be coming back.
  • hhsandi👎🏽
  • cholon_denverThank you for letting us know how you feel about this. We certainly never intended to be offensive to anyone. We now realize that what we thought was a playful name could come off as hurtful; as a team of people who are inspired by the food, culture, and people of Southeast Asia, we acknowledge our lapse of judgement. We will be changing the cocktail list this weekend.
  • akiresI am glad to see you are changing the menu. Thank you for that. It is appalling though, that someone on your team "inspired by the food, culture and people of Southeast Asia" vetted the name of that drink. I guess I was mistaken to assume that cultural sensitivity should come with that inspiration.
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