• rebeccaferggMy newest obsession -- VEGAN #meringues feat. My [unpaid] hand model, @emmavictorria -- cool hand dude.🖐🏻|| #vegan #aquafabameringue #feedfeed #f52grams
  • brittvdubsWow! Incredible! So beautiful
  • erynhartmierYASSSS
  • wearbarebonesThese look pretty perfect!
  • hayleynicklinDo these mail well? I'll take a whole box
  • loveinspireschangeI want your recipe!
  • greggoiresWhere do I sign?
  • kjessietWant/need!!!!!
  • tsumi_nyaaI have never seen more perfect little meringues 😍
  • rebeccafergg@tsumi_nyaa THANKS LOVE!! they remind me of little white pumpkins ...😳
  • withanf@rebeccafergg Did you bake yours? I made these for the first time last weekend, but they collapsed in the oven. I'm wondering what I did wrong.
  • shirley.rubyBeautiful ♡
  • rebeccaferggThank you so much!! @Shirley.ruby ❤️❤️❤️
  • fabiswanHi Rebecca! Yesterday i tried making aquafaba meringues and they also collapsed in the oven. They kind of melted and i was left with a watery mess on my silpat. Do you know what coud've gone wrong? Oven was too hot maybe? Thanks!
  • rebeccaferggHey love! That's so frustrating! Hmmm I'm trying to think about what could've happened... I'm thinking it could be you didn't whip the aquafaba quite enough before adding the sugar (gradually) - you should make sure that it reaches a 'stiff peak'! Also, add a stabilizer in with the aquafaba (Ie. 1/4 tsp of either cream of tartar or lemon juice). Additionally, the oven should be at 250 F - I'm going to tag you in a post where I wrote exactly how I make mine! 😘 @fabiswan
  • ashley_morganicMy mouth is wateringgggg from seeing all of your vegan yumminess 😍😍😍
  • sweetcarolinemilesphotographyWow!! Such a fantastic photo! 👊☺️
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