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  • allaboutamiAre you ready to do the twist? πŸ’ž One of the ways is to use a hat! I made twist headbands for the girls too so I'll be providing adult, toddler, and baby sizing πŸ‘­. Free pattern and full tutorial will be up soon! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ Which of these @lionbrandyarn Woolspun colors is your favorite?

  • liveloveyarnOh, I think I'll have to make one! @catlady924 you might be interested?
  • jdan60I can't wait to make one of these headbands. I haven't worked with woolspun yet, just ordered some in taupe and desert sun mix!
  • chonlinkz_37@allaboutami all of themπŸ’•
  • rubee84@mmmmgro
  • kitchenwhimsyOooooohhh ready to twist!!!! Love all your stuff 😍😍 I'm a mostly self-taught crocheter with an attention span too short to read patterns (call me "free-style 😜) love your insta account cause all your pics act as patterns for me!!! ❣❣awesomeness
  • terribobeari@michel_watson
  • ahhahandmade@rileechompers how about this one? 😊
  • jennuhffur@jenntpugliese
  • jauerr@_tpot_21x look at this!
  • handmadebyaniaSo simple!! Brilliant
  • crochetbyyarieThis is soooo cute! I love it!
  • deesakumaLovely!πŸ’žπŸ’•
  • noxstellaBrilliant and simple!..I am impressed..😍
  • autumnleafletSo creative and lovely @allaboutami :)
  • pxbhitesI had a hard time liking the final product when I sewed it together so changed mine up a bit. I only closed it 75% of the way. I left it open about two inches on either side. I'll tag in the morning so you can see.
  • allaboutami@pxbhites That's a good point! I forgot to mention how I left about a 1" gap on either side of the middle knot where I did not attach the top and bottom together so that the knot didn't get too flattened. Thanks for commenting- I've updated the blog post 😊. Can't wait to see yours! πŸ‘
  • littleaquagirlThese are just the most gorgeous headbands Stephanie! I might have to make some for myself during winter here for when out on the golf course!
  • mooninnyandbug@allaboutami by the way I am @pxbhites as well. Sorry for the confusion and posting mine under this name!
  • njazgirl@christapolk
  • theheartknitWow
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