T:slim with clip
  • sixuntilmeT:slim with clip

  • emilyjecaWhat is this clip?!?
  • abbs2687Ummmmm what and where and how?!
  • chronicbabetell the truth. that's your pager.
  • redmane178Hahaha @chronicbabe 😂😂😂😂👍
  • sixuntilmeBlogging it now. Hang tight!
  • sixuntilmeClip info here: http://sixuntilme.com/wp/2016/02/16/switching-tslim-insulin-pump/ MADE A HUGE DIFFERENCE.
  • sylviawhite_We just ordered a clip like that for my daughter. Love it-takes the bulkiness away!
  • johnmarlo1Hey Kerri are you still liking this clip? I bought a similar one from the same mfr, and the adhesive failed after ~3 wks.
  • sixuntilmeI am still digging the clip. It's stayed on for several months now.
  • johnmarlo1Thx! I'll give it a try. On the way from Amazon...
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