Caught mid-lick. #catlady #catstagram
  • stephiecooksCaught mid-lick. #catlady #catstagram

  • laurasmessPets, prohibiting toilet access since forever. So cute tho 😽
  • stephiecooks@laurasmess Let's not even get into the fact that I haven't used the bathroom by myself since forever. I'll be well prepared when I have toddlers someday I guess. 🙈
  • jkswopeEither that or sticking her tongue out at Reus.
  • laurasmess@stephiecooks so freaking true. Loki is the same, he's taken to running towards the bathroom when he sees me heading there as he knows I'll attempt to shut the door on him 🙈 Totally counts as parent training school!
  • laurasmess@jkswope is there a bit of sibling rivalry? 😂😘
  • jkswope@laurasmess Let's just say they aren't BFFs quite yet. 😼
  • stephiecooks@laurasmess @jkswope Me, around 3 pm today: CAN WE ALL JUST NAP QUIETLY AND GET ALONG SO I CAN PEE IN PEACE?? 🙈🙈😂😂
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