• humans.of.bc“In terms of what makes me happy, I'd say Boston College and its tight-knit community make me extremely happy. BC has granted me the unique opportunity to discern and pursue my passions, as well as help others to distinguish and pursue theirs.
    I have been extremely blessed to have met some amazing people here at BC, who have guided and inspired me throughout my four years on the Heights. One of those individuals is Professor John Gallaugher. Through his mentorship and my involvement in BC's TechTrek field-study programs in New York, Boston, and California, I have realized my passion for startups and venture capital and as a result have gotten to work with innovative companies that impact millions of people.
    I have also truly realized that helping others achieve their potential is what makes me most happy. I'd say the most amazing thing that I have been a part of at BC is the PULSE Program. I served at Another Course to College (ACC), a public pilot high school in Boston. I was lucky enough to closely mentor two high school seniors through the college admissions process. Today, both of my mentees are current undergraduates at Boston College pursuing their passion for the sciences. Whenever I run into them on campus, words can't explain my happiness. It is by far the biggest and most meaningful accomplishment of my life. BC is truly a special place."
    -Shalin Mehta CSOM '16
    with @bchappinessproject

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