Sending love from LAπŸ’œπŸ’™
  • realamberlportwood1__Sending love from LAπŸ’œπŸ’™
  • key2mysoulI find it so weird u removed that picture about the tabloids lying about matts son moving in with u. U swore up and down it was a lie when u knew it wasnt. U let a drug addict move in your home and u dont even know him. He claims he needed a break but it seems as if he plans on staying for a while. (Obviously to live off of u). Letting someone u barely know move in and be around your daughter is pathetic. Matt and his son found their sugar mama for sure. How long before another kid comes popping out of nowhere. U getting played sweetie. By the way your ring looks like it came from u may want to have it appraised 😏
  • rachael23xvile man
  • jinjinzloAmber you deserve so much better than him, I feel like his using you and his trying to control your life and your money he is a bad man I can sense it,his no good and he just takes advantage of you. I really pray and hope you don't marry him cause you can do so much better please I hope you see it and realise that he is not good for you he looks like a con artist and tries to make out that his a good man but his just full of shit I really don't like him
  • jaxonmommy24Hey AmberπŸ‘‹where do you think you would be in life RN if teen mom never aired?
  • lindssslongfellowGod he uses her so much and everyone sees it but her so sad !!
  • aljc72@realamberlportwood1__ you look beautiful love your makeup & charm.
  • carloslim11This guy is an akward pedo
  • jameson530I love Matt! Congrats to you both on your sobriety and continued happiness to you both! You look great Amber!!!!
  • perfect_peacefulnessI love u guys and wish u all the best. U have proven yourself to be one helluva lady. Don't ever feel down about how u look again. U are beautiful. And Matt.....he's a good guy. More power to u both.
  • sierrajo87Amber this is a beautiful picture!
  • elliot__sladeYu can call it what u want but that dude looks like a straight pedophile. I understand that deep down u know it too but you have NO ELSE in ur life to support you. This dude don't belong here. Still making terrible life choices... πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  • ladii_j86Love how you hold strong. Stay positive .. much love to you and god bless
  • sparkleplans@realamberlportwood1__ I LOVE that lipstick! What color is it?
  • boobiedoomMatt's funny...he loves her.. (well it seems like it) πŸ˜„ sorry you guys have to deal with hate from random idiots. I hope it works out πŸ˜ƒ you guys seem fun.
  • kristendillon74You guys are so classy and look very sophisticated awesome homies
  • la__ca__melGary is bettrr
  • stephraep8pYou guys are too cute β™‘
  • j_rz_worldNice pic of grandpa
  • beaumontjessica01Beautiful
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