So excited, 2day I got to work on our @CharmingMovie. It's looking AMAZING. #CharmingMovie here w/our director Ross
  • avrillavigneSo excited, 2day I got to work on our @CharmingMovie. It's looking AMAZING. #CharmingMovie here w/our director Ross

  • zeens1997@mary_meme99
  • mittasdLove you avril ❤
  • anastasia_0131love ur jacket
  • ughjazmynnSO EXCITED
  • youtubefannpageHolly shit I thaught she was dead lol
  • caity_swiftie_lavigneCan't wait for a new @avrillavigne
  • ddlcamPeepin in the back I see @jaclynholliday
  • demon_raider03I love you avril
  • pure.weirdnessThat looks like my teacher OMG @kvides.112 @sammysaldana13
  • kvides.112Which one @music.never.dies.5sos
  • pure.weirdnessThe dude @kvides.112
  • ckirao_o@sucicy
  • maggieclindemulderYour a true inspiration everyday Avril! 😘 @avrillavigne
  • holydadelevenSuper heavy
  • holydadelevenAvril Darling, love yooooooooouu
  • 6stringed07Glad you are happy
  • sitasetyaningsih💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
  • avril.lullabySay something about #AL6!
  • euellensouza@fredelboni é vc? Oo
  • maggieclindemulderAvril, I love you so much! I listen to your music daily! I hope to meet you one day! Honestly! You inspire me all the time! You are my idol and I truly look up to you! I love your personality! You have a party side and you have a serious strong side too! You have a great heart full of love and I love how you let that love flow throughout everyone else's heart! You are very dedicated! You always thank your fans! You are very strong Avril! You have been through a hell of a lot and look at you still staying strong with your shoulders and head raised high! I'm a very proud fan! I'm so blessed to be a fan of yours or should I say a little black star! You are so special Avril to me! I know we never met but you have really touched my heart! Not everyone can do that, in fact very few and you are one of those few people to inspire me in such a way! Great job Avril! I love your music and I'll always support you as a fan! I see great qualities in you! I see no bad but beauty! Inside and out! You started music at such a young age and I really see the beautiful trail you left for others to follow! Honestly! Your style, music, personality, everything! You are Avril Lavigne the queen of music, the smart, creative, gorgeous, Christian like you! You are so beautiful for being a kind true you! I know your next album will be amazing, until then I'll wait patiently, because I know you are putting in your full effort! Your music is very relatable too! You are always in my prayers for a faster recovery! Without you Avril there would be no amazing music and I wouldn't have my idol! You always bring the light out in everything! Love you! Take my words for it! Hope to meet you soon! @avrillavigne
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