Tap video for sound
  • andreasgysinHello little beauty

  • presstubeOooo, what is this thing? Did you make or buy it? How does one control the graphics? Intriguing : )
  • andreasgysin@presstube It's a VFD display from Noritake / Japan. This one is alpha-numeric but there are many kinds. You'll find them on ovens, VHS recorders or older car radios.
  • presstubeThanks for taking the time to explain!
  • andreasgysin@presstube Noritake has it's own protocol to program the displays... Can be done with anything that has a serial (or parallel) interface, for example an Arduino. In this case I used a Teensy for it's small form factor because I could just mount it behind the display.
  • andreasgysin@presstube My pleasure. Big fan of your work since the origins.
  • presstube🍻! Mutual fannage : )
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