• jamesclifton// Jess // • 1-9-16 • Fort Snelling State Park, Mn.

    Meet Jess Hirsh, 1/3 of the creators of the powerful Labyrinth that was part of the Winter 4Play happening at Fort Snelling State Park last Saturday. I sat and watched people as they walked through the labyrinth with headphones on, curious what they were up to. It turns out I knew another 1/3 of the creators, as I had photographed Emily at the Vandalia Tower Instameet almost a year ago. It was fun to see her again and to meet Jess, and I ended up having great conversations with both of them. Before I walked the labyrinth I was told to think about how I could heal these wounds of the land. It wasn't until last year that I learned that Ft. Snelling was basically and internment camp that held approximately 1,700 Native Americans during the U.S. - Dakota War of 1862. That winter, it was estimated that between 130-300 people died in the camp, and it also held the largest mass execution in U.S. history on Dec. 26th, 1862. 303 men were sentenced to death, and in the end 38 were hung on that day.

    We were given headphones that had a wave pulse that was supposed to heal your chakras while we were to ponder the question. As soon as I walked into the labyrinth I immediately thought of my family's pain and suffering that had occurred when I was a child, and then I snapped into thinking about the question... What can be done to heal these wounds... The only thing that came to mind was to say, "I'm sorry..." Over and over again as the pulses rang through my head.

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  • mamacita.ritaWow. To all of that. Amazing photo and story. ❤️
  • ericmuellerSuper portrait
  • jamesclifton@mamacita.rita Thank you Rita, it was an unexpected rather heavy experience, but great to talk to Emily and Jess (2/3 of the creators) about it afterwards.
  • jamesclifton@ericmueller Thank you Eric, I appreciate it, it's great to see a comment from you. I've been thinking of you the last few days as I stumbled upon your photo a day project, which I love, and I'm excited to see it's progression. I also really loved your selfie-a-day you posted recently from 2015. AND, I never got around to making the photo you sent me my profile picture, but that is on the docket so it was also making me think of you. 😊 Hope you are well and I look forward to seeing you when I do!
  • rachel_six12Beautiful portrait - you are so talented ✨
  • jamesclifton@rachel_six12 Awwwwww... Thank you Rachel, that's really sweet of you! ☺️
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