Here's a painting i did. #art #artwork #artist #follow #paint #painting #love
  • awkwardapostropheHere's a painting i did. #art #artwork #artist #follow #paint #painting #love

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  • tributemymr2painless09lifeI only met today with your creativity. First I took you for a new stamp,(which to a small extent sin), but then this picture. It was a picture, not drawing, not art, not installation. It's like looking into the empty eyes of madness... But somehow it's so warm and soft... If madness is the eyes, voice, hands... they are definitely yours. Thank you for the delightful reason to enjoy this cold and empty day.
  • tributemymr2painless09lifeSorry. For me madness. For you normal life.
  • tributemymr2painless09lifeIt is amazing that in one and the same object, different people can find something of their own that is different from the understanding and vision of another person. None of your pictures no longer caused me emotion. This, apparently, was instant inspiration. Or maybe a gift. I don't know why you know all this. Exactly like why bother to write comments. I even did not know English. And still write poetry. Roman. Or building a new Rome.
  • tributemymr2painless09lifeI just think that when your work is someone like(you yourself, for example). Then this is easier... But maybe not. You know, if you ever get a stamp... I'm not too upset. But maybe not. I just think when there is a cure... Then this is easier... Your drawings are good, but they are nothing without your illness. But I'm still not upset... Even if you find yourself another stamp.
  • tributemymr2painless09lifeBut the picture is still beautiful. Madness is definitely for you. Sorry.
  • fragileflowrI randomly found this. You should be so proud of how you express yourself. Truly. Remember that other people think your expressions are perfect.
  • incephilipI've seen this too. I read your article today and appreciate how you spoke for people with our condition. I wish you the very best.
  • leazp9Tell me why I love this so much, because I do.
  • dark.areaC'est une fille qui est schizophrène et elle dessine ce qu'elle voit quand elle hallucine et la elle dit que c'est un autoportrait que c'est ce qu'elle voit quand elle se regarde dans le miroir @nigga_weezy
  • jaredsfunkyartThis makes me feel weird, but it's good. I feel like i can get a taste of the emotion. You did a good job.
  • bleyend_salamanderAwesome
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