• ch_chitnisThis is the year I will learn colorwork (hold me to that, will you?!) #knitting #knittersofinstagram #dscolor #knitting_inspiration

  • megan_carty_artLove these colors together!
  • lmdm325Beautiful! WISH I could knit.
  • tinkeredtreasuresbeautiful 🎨
  • ch_chitnisThanks @tinkeredtreasures and @megan_carty_art ❤️. Just wish I knew how to knit them in colorwork! This year is the year!
  • ch_chitnis@lmdm325 you can- it's so simple and relaxing to learn! Promise!
  • tinkeredtreasuresI feel a book coming on ... ✨
  • ali1ali_Do it! Colourwork is so much fun and easier than you think.
  • itmariknitsOh I already see fair isle hats there! ☺
  • ch_chitnis@itmariknits and @ali1ali_ I know! I just need instruction and then I would take it and run. Do you think I could learn via you-tube or does it help to have someone show you?
  • dfifisYou-tube is wonderful! I used it all the time when I was learning. I would just do it.
  • kellenmeyerOh it's Fun! You will be great at it. Videos are fine.
  • amanda.herzbergerWhat beautiful hues!
  • amanda.herzbergerDo you have a recommendation for a somewhat simple cowl? I made one last winter that doesn't drape very well and have also made the Purl Bee herringbone one which is too big. Am thinking something cozy but not enormous. Any advice would be most appreciated!
  • ch_chitnis@orchardcove oh gosh- I'm not sure. I find cowls to be awkward, like your saying. Either too big which is awkward or too tight to loop around twice. Im a scarf person I guess 😉. Sorry I couldn't offer a suggestion.
  • itmariknitsIt certainly helps to have someone to show you (but when I think about it, I'm not sure I was shown how to do it, maybe I just tried what worked 😊). But YouTube might be just as good! I look forward to seeing what comes out of these beautiful yarn combinations ☺
  • asmabinkhalifaI like the compensation of the color @mariamalhosani8
  • mariamalhosani8@asmabinkhalifa sooo comfy cuuuute
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