#TheGeminiProject!! This body of work has been years in the making! Every session was a learning process and every pushback, setback and delay was a character builder! I'm excited just to be able to put out a body of work this personal to me. Salute to @kidkonnect for helping me craft the sound for my ideas, God bless u bro!! Salute to @reinhard_tega, @ckay_yo, @donl37 for helping me finesse the sound on this project. Salute to @mi_abaga for being the man! Salute to every artist that contributed to this body of work! God got us! Salute to @choccitymusic as a label, family and a dope ass crew! #movement!! Took a lot for this project to come out! God bless everybody that has supported me from day 1 till today! God bless us! I give u #TheGeminiProject ♊️
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