• amyteeganIt's time for #thursday3 with @rukristin !! Take a selfie and post with 3 right now facts!

    1️⃣ this week I'm in #richmondva - doing super nerdy history things and testing the theory that I can (and want to) be a digital nomad. So far it's fantastic!

    2️⃣ this #mirrorselfie was taken in the bathroom of the @airbnb I'm staying in. My very first time using that service and I loooove it. I love the big, private, low-key space. I think hotels are too fancy for me.

    3️⃣ today I visited Hollywood Cemetery (where presidents Monroe and Tyler are buried), the White House of the Confederacy, and the Museum of the Confederacy.

  • amyteegan#Richmond #amyloveshistory #airbnb #digitalnomad #atstravels
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