• ig_obanHappy New Year to you all! Oban was treated to a wee showing of the Northern Lights on New Year's Eve; this great photo was taken just before midnight by ✨@orsayoban✨ It wasn't as bright as this to the naked eye, but still very noticeable! Thanks so much for hashtagging #ig_oban! #Oban #Scotland #brilliantmoments

  • david_f86@felf_xx
  • felf_xxOmg we missed it :( @david_f86
  • ig_oban@felf_xx @david_f86 I was with people at the time and they only noticed it when I pointed it out! Much more impressive on a camera! 😂
  • felf_xxLooks beautiful wish id seen it :) @ig_oban
  • orsayobanThanks for sharing, a fifteen second exposure brought out the brightness!
  • ig_oban@orsayoban yes I know me too! When I showed people the photo on the back of the camera they thought it was cheating, but it's not really, the camera is just better at seeing it than we are! 😄
  • david.armour88Stunning
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