• alexmichaelmayRing ring, who's there?

    2016, that's who (bet you saw that one coming.) And if you haven't noticed I'm doing some serious pondering over here.

    Mostly about what habits I can and should live without and how to change them.

    One thing I heard from my family while back home and in FL? "You're ALWAYS on your phone." When your job IS technology and social media-based, it's hard NOT to be tethered to your device, but lately it's made me feel BAD physically and mentally to be so addicted to my phone.

    I'm reading an amazing book that's giving me some insight too (I'll share that soon!) but for now trying some new things like this @ringly ring.

    It notifies me with vibration and light when something important pops up on my phone (I set it to specific notifications only so I KNOW it's something important or that I've asked to be notified about) and I am really quite in love with what it looks like when it's not doing anything at all!

    It gives me the peace of mind to be PRESENT and just unplug for the most part--it's like a filter for my priorities I can wear so I can actually focus on one task at a time or live in the moment wherever or with whomever I am.

    Plus it's a semi-preshy stone (emerald) so isn't that like extra points for crystal healing natural something?

    Update: the folks at Ringly just gave me a 10% off code you can use if you're interested in getting one of your own! It's BEAUTILITARIAN10!

    And for those asking about the nail polish! It's @zoyanailpolish in #zoyavanessa from my #fabfitfun box!

  • alexmichaelmay@anndanger I agree! And happy new year to you lady!!
  • bybritowneWhat?! This is so neat!
  • calliopepaperieWHOA. That's amazing!! How do you like it so far!?
  • ringly@anndanger Thanks! Glad you like! 😊
  • ringly@beautilitarian Love this! So happy to hear your Ringly is helping you to be more present 😍
  • aligrant⭐
  • lesliemay1Wow. That's amazing and beautiful.
  • alexmichaelmay@missaligrant ❀️
  • alexmichaelmay@lesliemay1 thank you! Miss you! 😘
  • hannahbphotoOMG I feel the same way. What is the name of the book!!!???
  • alexmichaelmay@hannahbphoto just sent you a photo of it in dm!
  • janconwayB e a u t I f u l!!
  • kawrysuhLOVE 😍
  • lalovettaGorgeous!
  • themoderntulipThat ring😍
  • clarabellecwbFlawless!
  • urbanamisThat bling tho 😍
  • alexmichaelmay#itsamoodywednesday
  • shoegirlberlinThat is SO cool!πŸ‘ŒπŸ» I think I need one...0
  • _tianasantosQue Lindo...!
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