• proteinpowFinal thing about our tastings that I absolutely LOVE: that older people always come up to sample our Pow bars, love them, and we get to chat with them about protein and how crucial maintaining an adequate protein intake is! Not just for us who call the gym our second home, for them too.
    Protein is huuuuugely important for older people, you see, because of the high prevalence of sarcopenia in older folk - in the US alone, sarcopenia affects over 30% of 60+ people and 50% of those 80+! And, as our population ages, those numbers are increasing 😕

    What is sarcopenia? It's the loss of muscle mass, function, and strength as a result of the aging process. It can lead (and contribute) to osteoporosis, mobility problems, frailty, stiffness, and the overall loss of physical function.
    Ensuring a sufficient intake of energy and protein, as well an engaging is some form of cardiovascular + resistance training, is key to preventing (and in many cases treating) sarcopenia! Yet it's not something that you see protein companies screaming about. Probably because it's not that 'sexy.' You never see a 60+ man (or woman!) on a mainstream protein powder tub! But why not, I say. Protein has a huge impact. It matters. A lot! So let's make it relevant, yeah? Let's all talk more with our parents and grandparents about the importance of nutrition and keeping physically active. Let's include them in the conversation!

  • sevdebd@orkanuzunyayla @maliozargun @fehmiboyacioglu protein is life🙌
  • paula_workoutTrue words! Thanks for sharing this information 👍
  • makamizzleAlso because the elderly love free stuff lol
  • aidamunirahazmi@azmirzed sarcopenia
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