• srose.fitnessThe winter weather and tons of snow can't keep me away from my @pescience smoothie bowls 💛 I just wrap myself up in my snuggie to keep warm as I eat 😂 snickerdoodle smoothie bowl for lunch today! With goldfish grahams, @waldenfarmsinternational chocolate sauce, and sprinkles of course 🤗

  • megertel6Wahhhh I wish I could do protein Powder bc this looks delish!
  • calisuanneUmm PLEASE share the recipe 😍😍
  • srose.fitness@calisuanne it's super easy! 32g protein powder (about 1 scoop), 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk, couple handfuls of ice, and 1/4-1/2 tsp xanthum gum. Blend it all together and top with whatever your heart desires! I find that pescience protein powder gets the best texture it's like soft serve ice cream 😍
  • srose.fitness@megertel6 I've tried cutting it out before but I just can't help myself! I have scaled back from once a day to like once a week so there's that 😂
  • megertel6Haha. It makes me break out really bad!
  • srose.fitness@megertel6 have you tried plant-based protein powders? I use those the other days I don't have whey and it doesn't bother my skin at all
  • megertel6No I haven't
  • whey2bakeI have done this recipe many, many times :) protein ice cream is perfect for a sweet tooth :)
    At the above comments, I can't imagine a protein powder with <1g sugar making anyone break out for any reason
  • frk_hide😍
  • srose.fitness@driven2lift protein ice cream is the best! Also, it's not the sugar content but the whey in the protein powder, it can cause a lot of people to break out!
  • whey2bakeI always thought that was a lactose thing for most people effected, learn something new every day :)
  • peachpieandpushupsOh my -looks heavenly! 🙌🏼 I am wanting some of that @pescience!
  • srose.fitness@peachpieandpushups I love their products! Snickerdoodle and cookies and cream are both delicious! Vanilla is next on my list 😋
  • peachpieandpushupsI have to find it! Did you get it locally or order online?
  • srose.fitness@peachpieandpushups online! You can get discount codes for 30% I alternate between using @em_dunc and @erindimondfitness codes
  • peachpieandpushupsOk awesome thank you!! 😘
  • faithandfitOh heck yes love my select 😍
  • srose.fitness@faithandfit it's the best!!
  • westendmatchaLooks great! Love seeing what people make. 🍵😄 Would love to see others.
  • cupcakesforprs@srosefit how is the chocolate sauce?
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