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  • pgpbmeghanWe survived the first month with 3 kids!!! 👧🏻👧🏼👶🏻 Baby M turned 1 month old yesterday. As promised, I will continue to provide regular, real-time updates of his sleep patterns and daily routine, as a demonstration of our Sleep Series tips in action. 😴

    First up, the video depicts the new thing we learned with Baby M. I always thought all my kids hated being swaddled - turns out, I just needed a better swaddle technique. This one is magical, and requires no special equipment, just swaddle blankets. He's sprung an arm loose maybe 3 times in a month. I swaddle him up with his binkie, turn on the sound machine, and he drifts off to sleep. Thanks you #miracleswaddle! Our current daily routine, at 1 month is below. Note I say routine - not schedule. It may shift by +/- 30 minutes on any given day, or feeding. But we start at the same time everyday and never let him go more than 3.5 hours between feeds during the day. What works for us, may not work for everyone. Find what works for you, your baby and your family.

    8AM - First feeding
    9AM - Nap, preschool drop-off, toddler activities, errands
    11AM - Second feeding
    12:30PM - Preschool pick-up followed by nap/quiet time for everyone!!! Mommy's holy grail!
    2:30PM - Third feeding
    3:30PM - Nap
    5:30PM - Fourth feeding
    7:30 - Bath, fifth feeding, bedtime
    1AM - Sixth feeding
    5AM - Seventh feeding

    Newly emerging at 1 month... the dreaded 45 minute sleep intruder and the start of crankiness leading up to the first big development stage, aka #wonderweeks - just when you think you have those little people figured out, they throw you a curve ball! Stay tuned for our next update on that, and ditching the swaddle.

    Check out our full #SleepSeries on the blog, link in profile 💻

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