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  • simonedigitalWe didn't just change our name, we've also grown in a major way! We've been working tirelessly to create content that we felt would inspire the conversation around black womanhood. We wanted to share many more important topics relevant to being a whole woman of color. K is for Kinky was just the beginning! On Monday 11.9, we'll be launching our digital media platform SimoneDigital.com to bring a variety of voices of women of color to you in a raw, real and relatable fashion. We'll explore topics from self care and mental health to sex, beauty (yes there are still lots of beauty tips), interviews, LGBT* voices, religions, politics and much more. We've partnered and worked with experts, artists and academics to the amazing woman next door. We want to celebrate our variety and the beauty that brings. We hope you enjoy this new ride, because we did this all for YOU. Simone was created by women for women. We can't wait to share what we've been cooking.
    Visit SimoneDigital.com to learn more and to sign up for a sneak peek exclusive before we launch!
    Here's a preview of a documentary we filmed on beauty and self-love with @AshleyBlaine from @dearwhitepeople and #HelloCupid #wearesimone#beautyinourreflection #naturalhair#melaninonfleek

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  • myki76Word!!! Shine @ashleyblaine
  • nikiaphoenixThat's my girl! @ashleyblaine You betta speak it!
  • befreeprojectI'm excited to see what's to come. 😊
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  • thefeistyhouse💫✨ @ashleyblaine. Loved this!!!
  • ashleyblaine@thefeistyhouse thank you love
  • livelovejenelleCongratulations on your launch, i'll be following along! 🙌🏾💛
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