Stylin nails today 💅🏻 #jamberry #myjams @samanthavictoria25
  • caitlinhtpStylin nails today 💅🏻 #jamberry #myjams @samanthavictoria25

  • twinycmommygatsby forever
  • samanthavictoria25Love me some gatsby!!
  • jgbagwell05Your ring 😍😍😍😍
  • aishahnanabHow does jamberry work? Do you stick it on ur nails?
  • itsmecarlybI wanted to love jamberry so badly but no matter how hard I tried I could not get them to stay on my nails, even though I followed the directions to a tee and tried every other trick out there. After a day or 2 I would end up with lifting at the tips. 😑
  • pomeloandpomeloI love them too!!! I've been eyeing the grey one from the pic yet posted yesterday... Don't you just love putting them on and BOOM no drying?!!!
  • pinksneakergirlI love #jamberry !!
  • caitlinhtp@itsmecarlyb @samanthavictoria25 any advice for her? See above!
  • caitlinhtp@aishahnanab you heat the wraps up and then they stick to your nails.
  • samanthavictoria25Try the Baggie method or taking a tweezer and heating the tip with an iron or flat iron just enough to touch the tips of the Jamberry wraps to help with the seal. If the whole wrap is coming off the could have to do with the oils on your nails. In that case I recommend washing your hands with dawn detergent and prepping with vinegar instead of alcohol!
  • samanthavictoria25@itsmecarlyb
  • itsmecarlyb@samanthavictoria25 I have tried the baggie method and it didn't work. It's just the tips lifting and peeling... But I will try dish soap and vinegar, haven't tried that before
  • itsmecarlyb@samanthavictoria25 do you mean heat the tip of the wrap on a flat iron?
  • samanthavictoria25@itsmecarlyb oh gosh no!!! The heated tweezer lol not the flat iron! Also it you are filing your nails down you may want to try only trimming them with nail scissors
  • samanthavictoria25@itsmecarlyb also this: are you buffing the tips since they lift there? I had issues with tips lifting so I stopped filing and I clip a sliver of nail with the wrap after its nice and cool. If you're filing or clipping when its warm at all you won't get a good seal. I also recommend lots of pressure on the tips and the pull and tug method.
  • samanthavictoria25
  • meganrose_ellis@itsmecarlyb do you have a glass file? after filing the excess off, use a glass file to file the tips at a 45 degree angle so that when you use your nails to grab things, etc, the edge of the wraps don't catch
  • sacredsaltblogYes please!
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