• nicholelillianryan--- edit--- Winner is @theduchess03 !!! I couldn't decide so I had my husband pick a number and he picked 1 so the first commenter gets it YOU!! some research for better lighting I came across #ottlite bulbs on my own and I've been using them in my studio for a little while.
    I was recently sent this little Folding Task lamp from @ottlite_official to review...along with that they told me I can hold a giveaway where I will be picking one of YOU✨ snazzy followers for them to send one too! Yay!

    To be entered you need to be following me, then please leave a comment on this post about how you might put this lamp to use for your crafts?
    winner picked •November 5th• I will tag and post the winner in this post •Open to USA residents only.
    •This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or in any way affiliated with Instagram
    •you must be at least 13 years old to enter.
    Here are my thoughts about the lamp.
    I often work in the dark so good lighting is a must. It really does give off a nice amount of accurate lighting right where I need it.
    The small size allows me to use it directly over the work in sculpting or to move it around my desk if needed.
    It folds closed and automatically shuts on/off when you open and close it which is a clever touch.
    I'm very happy with it so far and will continue to use it for my sculpting. I see this lamp being beneficial to anyone who travels with their craft because it could be tucked in a tote bag pretty easily. perhaps knitters, needlefelters or the like?

    P.s. Zeepie is thrilled about it obviously!! I want to thank @ottlite_official for giving me the chance to use a lamp I don't have along with the chance to share one with one of my followers! Xoxo- Nichole 💛

  • suger23I've been wishin for an ottlite to use when I work on and take photos of my manis. I've heard great thing about them from many people. Thanks your this awesome chance to win.
  • carapradaThis seems so cool and useful! 😀 I mostly get inspiration at night and this lamp would be useful for sitting on my side table/desk while I'm drawing or painting vinyl records. I've also recently got into working with clay so maybe a lamp would help make sure everything is clean on my workspace. Right now I only have my ceiling fan and an older lamp that my dad gave me, both have a yellow tint to them so it is hard to see accurate colors. Thank you so much Nichole for hosting this giveaway! 💜❤️💜😘
  • faunwoodAh!! Hello, and thank you for this opportunity! My name is Mira and my art form is primarily ink, although I like to dabble in polymer clay sculpture. I currently live in a dinky little apartment. The room I work in has no light....yeah, NO light. ;__; not even on the ceiling. The sunlight that comes in from the windows is AWESOME but the way the place is oriented, the good lighting goes away around 2 or 3 in the afternoon....and I'm definitely a night "arter" like you. 😓 I currently use a super cheap flexible desk lamp (from Target) to keep the room lit. It's nice because I can move it as needed, but it really....really does not do the job. I am desperate for some good lighting that I can actually work in 😂. Hope to be considered and, again, thanks for the opportunity! I will gladly provide pictures of my "setup" as per your request. :P Happy request-reading!
  • sean.uses.his.brainMy name is Sean and I would use this lamp to draw more pictures with my son Ezra. We love drawing together and our lighting is terrible in our house.
  • itwillalmostdoWe live in my dad's living room right now, and when the kids sleep, I sit at the coffee table and paint with whatever light is flickering off the tv. It's fun and all, but I could use a lamp!
  • magicbeanbuyerOoh I'm always on the lookout for a better crafting lamp for my figurine making. I alwayssss need a light when I'm working because my desk area is super dark. My current one is so clunky and takes up too much space, it would be great to get an upgrade!
  • frostedtreatshandmadeI love @ottlite_official! I have a small lamp that I got a few years ago on Black Friday and it is seriously one of my most used craft tools! I craft in our dining room and it's much easier to have a small lamp on right over my work than to turn on the large overhead lights in the room. Plus, the light is so clear and bright! Great for photographing projects.
  • artsy_ericarayI continued reading to see where I could buy it and was delighted when I saw that its a give away too. I have been having trouble with accurate lighting in our new apartment and I can't have big fixed lights because of my toddler getting into everything so the compactness is nice!
  • stardustchibisI would use this lamp in my room where I do my polymerclay charms. My room is dark even in dayligbt becaude the apt building next door blocks light xD Its annoying doing my crafts cuz of the eyestrain.
  • s_lammyI want one to learn to do what you do I've always made jewelry but clay would be a fun new medium to work with!!
  • monsterhugsI'm currently renting a basement of a house which is awesome, but the lighting situation is not ideal. I would use it at my desk to see all my projects better; polymer clay, sewing, painting, jewelry, drawing, ceramics, and also for reading all my books and articles for thesis, ick. I've been wanting to get a nice desk lamp as I inherited a not so bright one, so this is awesome! :)
  • gabbytheclaymasterI could finally make quality youtube videos and kickstart that business
  • needledbynellaLove OttLite products! I have a standing desk lamp but it's got to be plugged in, having a little portable one like this would be so convenient when I take my felting around with me!
  • nicholelillianryan@needledbynella it still need to be plugged in, sorry that wasn't clear! But still could travel well just wrap the cord around it 😉
  • needledbynellaOoooh good to know! Still a cool little lamp 👍
  • dq21094My eyes just don't like the nighttime anymore. Which limits my knitting time. I knit for stress relief. An ottlite would lower my blood pressure, lol.
  • jesshandmadeI would use this to make more tutorials and put it my living room for better lighting to crochet.
  • tonyamoniquesI am always trying to get the perfect light and angle to take my nail art photos. I think this light on my right side would do the trick.
  • delbosiThank you for this giveaway! I would use it for my crochet projects.
  • nicholelillianryan@theduchess03 so I couldn't decide so I had my husband pick a number and he picked number 1 so you are the winner of the ottlite!
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