Tap video for sound
  • caitlinhtpWhen you successfully get the baby down for a nap when you reeeeeally thought it wasn't going to happen. 😘💕

  • mwatts531LOL...YES!!!
  • licoriceolivesWoo!!!
  • rd_fitbiscuitHaha, oh yeah! I have to laugh, bc at first I thought this was a #whole30 tiger blood jump. Haha!
  • teamsamfitThat's hysterical! 😂 haha!!
  • gra0210Awesome!!
  • aishahnanabLOL
  • cinemarieOh yes!! :)
  • swolebibleHahahaha awesome!
  • vernamichelle0515I got all 4 of mine to sleep. Bahaha!! Totally feel the same!
  • growinhealthySleep training update post?!?
  • littlelohr@kudamama hahaha yessssss!
  • allisonmtepper@jenhof107
  • caitlinhtp@growinhealthy ugh Claire still doesn't STTN. It's torture. I have sleep trained her twice and it will not stick.
  • growinhealthy@caitlinhtp oh man, bummer! My 9mo has never been a good sleeper and is now having separation anxiety after her first non-rem sleep cycle. I am thinking about sleep training and was reading your Henry post this morning for some inspiration! Good luck!
  • mca_aliThat's me when I get both kids down at the same time
  • lebouleau@caitlinhtp perhaps she needs a different method than Henry? Can you share what you've tried? We just sleep trained before a trip. Worked wonders, obviously the trip sleep didn't go well and when we came back he started getting his two front teeth so he has been waking once per night but goes down fairly easy at bedtime. This sleep shit never ends! He isn't sleep trained for naps though. I hold him for those 😖
  • thesupersanaThis is amazing.
  • adirstTotally unrelated. but where are those jeans from??
  • samanthavictoria25I totally feel your excitement!!!
  • pushpullgrindexcitement goes high
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