#Uzbekistan 30.10.2015 #غياث
  • faz3#Uzbekistan 30.10.2015 #غياث

  • taaymaaربي يطولك بعمره ❤ و يحفظك❤ له
  • taaymaaHypertealistic drawing 🎨 👌 looks more like anactual photograph📷 ...art✨👌
  • z_e_b_iصلاتي لكم جميعا 🙏 @faz3
  • raniaalraesربى يحفظكم
  • monchanok_kradsiriSabah al khair to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed and to Your Highness @faz3 sir. Very beautiful photo sir. ^_________^ Wish Your Highnesses always be good health and be safe everywhere you go sir. may Allah bless All Your Wishes come true with the Greatest Achievements for the Best of UAE and protect Your Highnesses and all members of the Royal Family from any harm and illness all the time sir. Please take care and have a blessed day to enjoy working with fullest happiness, Your Highnesses. ^____________^ I LOVE YOU. @faz3 Always Miss You With My Loyal Heart and Never Leave Far From The Place Where My Soul Feels Home.
  • rot_z👍✈️
  • h_h_11_f3ماشاءالله
  • haya2223hالله يحفظك
  • vibhagolani💞💞💞💞
  • ladydalal_ld☆☆☆
  • bs.almuhairi2790الله يحفظكم
  • ceren_ggr@faz3 love is on the bird's wing... If you scare it, you can't catch... You can kill it with sling but can't wrap with birdlime...
  • 23questionهذا الشخص الذي يستاهل الوقوف له احتراما وتقديرا وإجلال دوما الأول دوما مايقبل القسمه ع ثنين المركز الأول دوماااااااا حفظك ربي واطال ف عمرك
  • ellenlailalorenz👌🌿
  • zakya_madaniMy king kiss from Paris 💋💋💋
  • maagdd234ماشاء الله
  • asilbek.l@temur_bb
  • 3hooda.a@malokaa19
  • osmolkina005Ability and understanding of birds. Important.)
  • hamze4022درود بر شیخ محمد صلوات بر شما وبا بای شما
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