• slowfashionoctoberGreat pic by and of @annasophielee in a sweater that's been well-loved by multiple family members over a couple of decades. She's debating elbow-patching strategies — tap over to her feed to weigh in — and I look forward to seeing what happens next! #slowfashionoctober

  • fab126bvMy boyfriend refuses to let go of an old sweater. I ended up sewing suede patches on the elbows.
  • close_knit@slowfashionoctober @karentempler - you rock. Thanks so much for the feature, I got so much great advice! I'm so excited to mend up this sweater now 😍💖
  • close_knit@fab126bv boyfriends, right? Love that- I'm thinking he'd like leather patches too
  • islandspindlerI have my dad's old cashmere cardigan, needs love, but not as much as this, gives me hope I can revive it to
  • pdrunco@jdlx10
  • allieheiniger@osailor3
  • sweaterfreakknitsDid she save it? I think sometimes one has to accept that something has served it's purpose and needs to be retired.
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