• beeradercomAfter "The Rainbow Project" we see a lot of awesome Anglo-American craft beer collabs. Uncle Zester is one of them (while not being part of the project). An Imperial Braggot from Sirencraft - UK and B.Nektar - Michigan/US. As written in the label. “What's a Braggot you ask ?” Braggot is an alcoholic drink mostly consumed during post-renaissance UK mainly in Ireland and Wales. An ale between mead and a beer. As honey and beer’s marriage goes back to Hymn of Ninkasi times; this particular style really sounds like history in a bottle. Sirencraft meets with Brad Dahlhofer of B.Nektar in Copenhagen beer celebration and they immediately decide to brew a beer together. B.Nektar having the craftsmanship skills on Mead while Sirencraft on beer; none can expect something dull out of this equation :) Coming to technical details; orange blossom honey, orange zest and juice, and grapefruit zest and juice are used in this Braggot which basically explains why they call this a “Sour citrus braggot". They use kettle souring technique; the new trend in brewing industry which involves Lactobacillus to kick in before the boil. Deep golden hazy colour with off-white head with dense but irregular bubbles. Soapy lacing. Nose is dominated by sweet floral honey.. followed by apricot, lemon zest, grapefruit, bit of dustiness while lacking the brett character. Taste is with honey character upfront; followed by a lemon tartness, sweet apricots, grapefruit, some wheat bread character and wood. After taste is like eating a toasted bread with honey and orange jam spread. Yummy ! It’s almost full bodied which is not expected from a sour. Actually this beer contains a lot of unexpected things, I might never have tried something like this before (..though my Braggot/Mead backlog doesn’t exceed 5 beers or so..) Thanks @matt512 for this bottle ! #beer #mead #bira #bier #birra #cerveza #beerader #beerglass #craftbeer #beeroftheday #gununbirasi #yum #recommendit #drink #foodporn #beergeek #beernerd #beerporn #beerlove #food #foodporn #instabeer #beerstagram #beertography #ratebeer #beeradvocate #beerstagram #thebeernation #untappd #drinkingcraft #sour

  • 1970sboyThis is a strong contender for my bee of the year. It's superb.
  • beeradercom@1970sboy you are not alone 👍totally defines the meaning of craft and innovation 👌
  • 1970sboyObviously I meant 'beer of the year' but that's a fortunate/unfortunate letter omission given the nature of this beer. I don't think I've ever had anything like it, you're spot on with your definition. @sirencraftbrew
  • __p.a.t.r.i.k__@hrrehne @crrehne @hanxion galet häftigt!
  • burt_n_ernie@akazphoto this might be up your alley
  • stout_comboGlassware on point!
  • beeradercom@stout_combo I really love Teku for anything aromatic 👍🍻
  • 2pyretOoooh, I love that one!
  • scoobieseanHad this one while in Cardiff at the brewdog bar. This is a fantastic beer and my wife's favorite. Cheers
  • crowntowncraftSweet shot!
  • beeradercom@crowntowncraft Thanks man ! 👍🍻
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