• audreydlongI try for 2 designated detoxes a year: 1 in the spring & 1 in the fall to undo our modern life stresses & burdens, environmental & otherwise. I'm feeling the effects of my detox today. 😕 One can detox too fast & it can overburden & tax our system to the point of not being healthy. Our body encapsulates toxins in our tissues & fat cells as a way to protect itself. When we detox, we release stored garbage & flush it out in a safe manner, hopefully. Without judgement towards myself, I listen to my body's cues and make adjustments accordingly. The journey is the destination. #balance #detox #healthcare #ovariancancer #survivor

  • mo_fried71Hope you're feeling okay!
  • audreydlongOh yes @mo_fried71 nothing a little yoga didn't fix actually!!! Thanks for asking. Love you!! 😘
  • prepharmacyprepawesome!
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