"hellos world" in arm assembly, as hand illuminated manuscript. #anachronisms
  • mikeestee"hellos world" in arm assembly, as hand illuminated manuscript. #anachronisms
  • hbmiki".global"?
  • hbmikiI mean, ".gobal"?
  • mikeestee@hbmiki you win the prize for spotting the syntax error ;) there's one more...
  • willware01701Copying errors (like "msg" becoming "meg") were pretty common. It is nevertheless a thing of great beauty.
  • h_atschibrilliant!
  • hbmikiI just didn't want you to be disappointed when you compiled your manuscript!
  • mikeestee@willware01701 it's true :) my understanding is that's where some modern spellings come from as well.
  • henriknGreat idea! And @hbmiki :D
  • mikeestee@hbmiki :D
  • pazthorDe lujo!!!
  • danielpunkassFound this through a retweet on Twitter ... it really is beautful, but I noticed you're missing the swi $0 that would actually invoke the "write" syscall. Is that the other typo? :)
  • landbeyondLovely! I wrote my first Hello world in ARM yesterday :)
  • raabbajamLooks like an ancient language, I'd love to learn it.
  • ap_codkelden@mikeestee, Amazing, thank you! And whats lying above ASM listing (looks like table with dots in the cells)?
  • christopher_miltonA Canticle for Sinclair?
  • bsmartt13Who on earth has both the calligraphy / artistic talent as well as forethought and (at least novice) asm understanding to pull of this beast of beauty? @campbell_sfo
  • gauthierostervall@hbmiki compile?
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