#inktober too tired to color in this happy kitty sporting a skelly outfit #catsincostumes #catsofinstagram
  • krisztianna#inktober too tired to color in this happy kitty sporting a skelly outfit #catsincostumes #catsofinstagram

  • butch_locsin_from_laHello. I met you almost a year ago. I was wondering if you will be at Hollywood Forever again?
  • krisztianna@butch_locsin hello! I remember you! That sweet outfit is just stunning! I will be going as an attendee. When I'm an artist I don't get to experience the event as much. So this year I'm eating, drinking, and remembering my loved ones! You?
  • butch_locsin_from_laWhat!?!?!?!?! No way. I'm totally blown away that you remember me. Since last year I have progressed as an artist and from the opinions of my peers, my progression is in a rapid speed. I started oil painting in February and it has really consumed my life but in beautiful way. Meeting you has been an inspiration for me to one day showcase at the mausoleum and show my artwork. Hope you don't mind that I will tag your name to show you the series of artwork that I'm currently working on. I've been setting up photo shoots and doing a performance piece using color smoke. I love complementary contrast and saturation. You will see it in my paintings. Sorry if I wrote too much I'm still just blown away. I'm a fan of your work!
  • schuyler_moon@krisztianna dis mah favorite!
  • krisztianna@butch_locsin well your name I didn't remember, but your costume is unforgettable and beautiful. I saw it on your Instagram. So sweet of you to say, Ty! Yes, tag me not an issue!
  • krisztianna@minakolb 💜💜💜💜
  • holly_dickerson@zoejakes 😽💋
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