time is an illusion. stay present. | #trillyoga #nyc @ghvze | shout to the legend behind me in red
  • cbqualitytime is an illusion. stay present. | #trillyoga #nyc @ghvze | shout to the legend behind me in red

  • ghdhkdqpDid you come up with the built n bendy? Is it the only program you follow?
  • cbquality@enlightviolet I've been lifting for 15+ years now. My personal training changes and evolves depending on what my current goals or needs are but B&B is what I how I workout (focus on lower body, strength and yoga).
  • cbquality@enlightviolet and yes. I developed it
  • grim.esreaper@cbquality hey! How long does it take to receive the program after you buy it?
  • xmazzz_@melissaaday ha my job lol
  • shakedownfitness💪
  • teni_ah@_ashtonmarlane @aloyoga
  • cbquality@_ashtonmarlane @karimaria onzie
  • cbquality@_ashtonmarlane much thinner cooler material than alo. Also a higher waist. Alo has full leg mesh ones but the way the material cuts the thighs isn't really flattering if you have meaty legs like me lol. Onzie wins this one.
  • llc00l_dHow nobody looking tho
  • hommesequipe💪🏽👊🏽🎯
  • havryilIf you like couple people Are looking, the guy with the fro is like damn!
  • carlorossi8072Stay present ..don't live in tha past......that thaire Mizz built bendy..eye need some help wit...so contact mi at...three one three I love...yu..Detroit citi thatz whaire I'm from from
  • kellznla1843@cbquality is there a name for this pose? I have to master this. I can't stand not trying it.
  • raechellewellness@kellznla1843 It's goes by a few names: Feathered Peacock Pose or Pincha Mayurasana in Yoga. Circus folks call it Forearm or Elbow Stand.
  • kellznla1843@raechellecarino...tx for the response. I've found a few you tube videos. Trying my hand at it slowly. I'm not very flexible but it's fun working at it.
  • cbquality@kellznla1843 the key is to start in down dog. Drop to the forearms. Walk the hips as far over the shoulders as possible without collapsing into the shoulders/neck...then light kick off one foot to balance. I admit I felt like I was gonna die the first few times I did it. Bloody elbows and all. It was Bc I wasn't taking it slow and controlled. Don't force it, enjoy the process
  • russianfemmefatalei need to practice smh @ligitababy
  • tsy_bmb@drjmango bruh....follow her
  • drjmango@tsy_bmb got it
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