• bump.tobabyEmma is 14 Days Old Today. How?! Where is the time going?! 😫 2 Week Update on the blog, link in profile. 😉
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  • tara.beannLove your blog! Baby girl is beautiful and healthy. I'm totally with you, you shouldn't force feed your baby if her signs are clearly telling you no. Plus, she could be throwing up more than just the "overdose" of milk, which will cause her to lose more weight! Go with your gut, momma, you're doing great💕 I can't wait til I'm in your shoes in 7 short months!😊
  • bump.tobaby@tara_beann Thank you so much Tara!! Congrats on the baby to be! It's the best!!!! ❤️
  • chini_17She's beautiful!
  • leytoncollectiveYeahhhhhhh ✨✨🌟🌟
  • carly.lutherLove her little legs. And I agree, don't force feed her. She will eat when she's hungry, if she's not having reflux issues, having plenty of wet and dirty diapers a day...I would not worry! You're doing great momma, she's growing at her own pace. Olivia is in the 12th percentile and her pedi has never said a word about feeding her more, EXCEPT when I was breastfeeding. Idk what it is, doctors always think they aren't getting enough...but it's exactly what she needs!
  • mrs_gouletJust read your blog. Go with your gut, you're her mom and know her better than anyone else. You're doing great if you're breastfeeding every 2.5 hours. The first few weeks are hard.
  • jennarae34Lilah gained her weight back very slowly at first. We were at the doctors twice a week for weight checks, and they weren't happy with her progress. I was also told to supplement with formula, but I didn't listen. I did what I felt was best.. I just kept feeding the heck out of her, and she eventually got back to birthweight. My pedi said it doesn't matter what percentile they fall under as long as each baby follows their own curve consistently (always around the same percentile each visit). Stick with it, it gets better!!
  • bump.tobaby@chini_17 Thank you Eileen! 😘❤️
  • bump.tobaby@carly.luther @mrs_goulet @jennarae34 Thank you ladies! I'm definitely sticking to the breastfeeding, I love that I'm able to provide for my baby and I especially love the bond we share. I'm not worried, like I mentioned on the blog, she's pooping after every feeding, and letting go when she's full, so I know she's at least satisfied at every feeding. If I had any concerns of course I would do what I had to do, but I don't so we'll see what happens on Monday when we go back to the doctors!!
  • lala_6613😍😍😍👼🏼👶🏻 shes perfect god bless her
  • ap91rilGreat blog posts! Kudos to you for finding the time to write them!
  • kimwilson75Sounds like things are starting to fall into place! She is absolutely adorable and I would love to visit later in the week while the kids are at school or if next week is better, just let me know.
  • ely_rocheeeeI know my baby will be 3 weeks on tuesday time is just going to fast 😢
  • manningkyrieBreast fed babies gain weight back slower that's what my dr told me. So don't worry. Also I found that putting a towel down in the baby tub helps to soothe the baby
  • itsbabyb7@bump.tobaby sticking to the feelings every two hours religiously will defiantly help her gain weight back. We had to do it with Elijah because he lost so much weight in the hospital and he is now 10lbs at 6weeks old! But definitely follow your instincts on the feedings one nurse told us we were feeding Eli to much but if my babies hungry I'm going to feed him! Also I seen you have the 4moms tub also... How do you guys like it? We don't have an actual tub so we use ours over the sink and it's my favorite.
  • landmarkmoments@bump.tobaby glad your loving our cards xoxo
  • homa.ian@shiringhotbi
  • bump.tobaby#🎀WatchEmmaGrow💗
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