• sashakotsПЕРВОЕ ФОТО РОССИЙСКОГО ПИЛОТА НА БАЗЕ В ЛАТАКИИ! (С) Комсомольская правда
  • borisbarabaswonderful gallery
  • socraticsillinessGive 'em hell. obama sure won't.
  • mohannad_alakeelHahahahahahaha you look pathetic trying to make your conquer a holy war . We fought against many armies and you won't be the last one . Rest in pieces.. I hope you understand English because you are too dumb to understand my words .
  • ob1knaubieYou all know this is gunna be a huge problem for the states right. Putin looks tough now, but wait till Uncle Sam get mad.
  • _khoram❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  • massimo_slamждите, скоро на экранах российский пилоты в оранжевых комбезах.
  • evgenipotyakin@mohannad_alakeel What is the holy war? There is no god. Your Semitic people- Arabs and Jews, lying around Europe as a prostitute in a man and your vagina Israel. But your vagina no one needs. And not to makhay knife- you have to release the Arab pig.
  • helen_davidoffmassimo_slam,а ты будешь рад этому? Странные вы люди,хохлы))
  • mexanizm174Россия вперед!
  • mohannad_alakeel@evgenipotyakin my friend.. There is a God and if you open your heart you will know that there is a creator of these creatures. Think strongly and you will be able to see the right path ...
  • evgenipotyakin@mohannad_alakeel You are just a fool. There is no god. I'm an atheist. My head is not going to cut it off as Christian- I will kill you.
  • mohannad_alakeel@evgenipotyakin Who spoke about cutting things off .. Anyway bro , things in this world doesn't not happen for no reason . Open your mind , go out and look for answers . As the answers shall lay within you . You body is a fascinating machine and it can not be created randomly . Did you see a Lamborghini created by itself ? I think you know the answer .. May Allah guide you to his straight path ...
  • evgenipotyakin@mohannad_alakeel I am not your brother. Keep your Muslim bullshit. I am an atheist, you probably would not understand. The Soviet - Union was the atheistic country and there was making more than the Lamborgini. In God We Trust in the USA, you probably think I am?
  • mohannad_alakeelAlright my friend @evgenipotyakin .. You say we are only created through evolution theory .. How did the first cell created ? You will say randomly on earth . How did earth created ? you will say from the Big Bang theory. How the Big Bang happened ? You will say from clash of energy . But where did this energy came from ?? It must have a creator . God told us before 1400 years that the universe started from a very big "explosion" but the one who started this explosion is God Almighty . You can check google if you want to make sure..
  • evgenipotyakin@mohannad_alakeel Google is not power. I go to a good school.
  • mohannad_alakeelDon't be misguided by people . Search for you self. @evgenipotyakin
  • evgenipotyakin@mohannad_alakeel What kind of people you are Muslim pig? You are cutting off heads or do you help to go to heaven? This is for you, and I will kill you, you simit pederast.
  • mohannad_alakeelThings don't work like this my friend . But I want to remind you of Mousleni who was an atheist and killed millions of people . Stop being blind and guided by propaganda .. @evgenipotyakin
  • evgenipotyakin@mohannad_alakeel You are a semit, arab.I want to ask. You are now in a war for all Arab countries into the United States of Arabs-Semitia from Morocco to Iraq together under a flag of Islam. The center is Israel, same simits state. The Jews. As it turned out, the Semitic women went according to the men, behave strange kids and nation according to mother. The jewesses also hit on me, but I will not let them kids. You are Arabs owes them kids. Or they are your spies in the world? .. I think after connecting the simit peoples:Arabs and Jews, religion are out in 50 years lost. The World without religion! Becaus Judaism, Christianity and Islam is the same semites made up?
  • mohannad_alakeelIslam is not like any other religion. It is the one and only one true. @evgenipotyakin
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