Sometimes your light shines so bright that it blinds people from seeing who you really are.
  • aldonsmithSometimes your light shines so bright that it blinds people from seeing who you really are.
  • raidernation027It's shitty bro you can come back to the nation we need you there but stay focus on your work outs by march you will be back with the team we will need you next year the triple threat trio Mack smith and Irvin ... @aldonsmith
  • raidernation027I mean can't
  • jusdachefIt's Chef Fam. How things?
  • maurice_k_perkinsIt's only time my dude, and its going by quick as hell. Proud of you @aldonsmith, and not as a player but as man. A blackman can takes two steps back, then leap forward. Keep handling your business, and we'll be here to give you that energy and that juice on Sunday's this fall...🤛🏿
  • raidershomepageWe will see you soon back in the silver and black my dude. Can't wait.
  • hilton1315We want u back raider nation baby time for a return 20+ sack season show em why u wanted to be a raider
  • 831_farmersGet ready for 2017 big dog..its our year #Raidernation
  • loyalsince94Can wait until your back they ain't ready for us Raider Nation all day u been one of my favorite players even when u were with the winners your gunna bring chaos with Mack on that D
  • ant_valdvCan't wait to see you all over qb next year!! Stay focused your one of my favorite players #silverandblack bay area love @aldonsmith
  • nucks57My next jersey @gabe.gallardo13 @rsmd_raider
  • djj06I need u to come with a vengeances my Raiders need a SB victory next year!
  • elhector408Welcome back smith can't wait for next season raiders have built a wall of our own raidernation ! 🇲🇽🤘🏻
  • elhector408@aldonsmith
  • showbiz408Welcome back! Let's get it!
  • mateodown100@aldonsmith Don't listen to what these haters all got to say man, #raidernation has your back. Keep your head up and on the good path you've been on. #blessingstoyou ☠️💀💯🙌🏽
  • paperduppreeFace first doe?
  • theroyalbarber_Ever need a dope barber I'm right cross the bridge 💈💈
  • agassifabulousIndeed🙌🏽👌🏽💯
  • goldenstate_of_mindWe need you back! Hopefully we'll be seeing you out there @aldonsmith
  • brooksamilGood balling with you on the hoop court yesterday champ 👌
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