Can't wait to marry this man in October taking pictures of Leah and Matt together😊
  • realamberlportwood1__Can't wait to marry this man in October taking pictures of Leah and Matt together😊

  • l0vesme101He like to play Daddu to this kid, but abandoned his 7 or 8 others.. Yeah, I couldn't wait to marry him either! 😂 U have to be the dumbest bitch on earth! @realamberlportwood1__
  • jaaimmee89@0hungoverinhighheels0 wow your such a dumb bitch for saying that.. You fucking hater .. Get off her page retard...
  • anniekp_It great that he's a father to someone not even related to him, but can't even be a father to the 6 kids that are related to him. That's fucking sad
  • jdefjf_081413_Rude no just the truth really stop pretending and take care of ur kids deadbeat dad mat
  • raindropsdownHe's a dead beat. Can't even take care of the kids he already has, wow Amber you're fucking retarded 😂😂😂😂😂
  • realamberlportwood1__You ignorant Chihuahuas he's a father to all his kids and they are in there 20's. You guys are sad. You let TV determine what you believe. Weak woman please do not comment on my page. But keep watching the show so you can eventually find out the truth. And me and Matt just sit back and laugh at ignorance. Learn to send love not hate💜
  • realamberlportwood1__Half of the ignorant comments on this page would never be said to my face. Remember there were bigger women and harder women than you little flakes in prison... None of you mean shit to me only real fans and real women with open hearts and open minds apply..sending love💜
  • newmommysupportSweet!!!💛💜💙
  • brilynstephens98You are so awesome @realamberlportwood1__ !!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ love you for sticking up for yourself and what you love!!!
  • karissadimascio@realamberlportwood1__ stay true to yourself, you don't need to prove yourself to even us your fans. You're not entitled too. I've loved you since America got to meet you on 16 and pregnant! Keep going Amber!!! You're a beautiful soul on the inside and out!! Never forget that, you will only become stronger for all the challenges you've faced and take valuable lessons from them. Some of the greatest life lessons we learn aren't from textbooks but from real world situations! Happy Valentine's Day to you and your loved ones! 😘
  • julianaxmotinaEle paga pensão dos filhos?
  • kmwkml0306When in October are you getting married @realamberlportwood1__
  • lauren_doughty92Are you guys still together?
  • ddbgoodHe creeps me out....seems like a pedo
  • klassified2012Wonder how well he takes care of his own kids. Hell he has it made, he doesn't have to work for the rest of his life..
  • inkkdupshawtyYu n her deserve better. I fwu 💯
  • bakkerdenisemariaAre you married yet i'm watching the show but dont see it ik Would love to sees you and Matt married your als great person love from Holland but i live in Turkije xx Denise
  • flaweddiamondMatt is a good guy not sure why you guys are hating trying to judge a person you know nothing about. All you guys know is what the media says which is not always true.
  • la__ca__melDont trust this boy
  • j_rz_worldNice pic of your grandpa and daughter
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