• youngadventuressFalcon selfie - only in Dubai #HelloWorldRELAY @mydubai @helloworldau

    EDIT: more on this soon, but falconry is one of the Middle East's greatest traditions. These birds are idolized here and treated like kings. They even have their own passports. Jazzy here was rescued and was released into the wild several times but always returned to @almaha_resort I've held many birds of prey over the years and they are usually hooded like this when they are around people they aren't used to so they don't get agitated. It's normal and not considered to be inhumane at all. I feel so honored I got to hold here and see these amazing creatures in action.

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  • renata_tosiWhat a beautiful picture! I am loving your pictures!
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  • youngadventuress@kittyrah see my edit
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  • youngadventuress@awanderlustforlife nope! And way lighter than an eagle haha
  • karasakakusuAnd zoos do have a big tradition in Europe. But it doesn't matter how well the animals are treated there - they would be better off in freedom. Sorry, Liz, but that's my opinion here. Yours might be different :)
  • youngadventuress@karasakakusu and what about pets? And horseback riding? it's not the same as a zoo at all. I work a lot on animal conservation and rights and I suggest you read more about falconry unless you already have done a lot of research and believe humans and animals shouldn't interact whatsoever. Don't get me wrong, every tradition has its problems but I think there are some sweeping judgements going around without all the facts being made clear. I will definitely be sharing more about the tradition of falconry in the Middle East over the next few days.
  • karasakakusuAs I said, our opinions may differ. And that's nothing tragic. You're totally right: I believe for example that cats shouldn't be held in flats only, I'm against keeping small pets like guinea pigs etc. at all and I don't like it when horses are perched into small boxes most of the time. So, whatsover the tradition there is: I think it's sad that wild birds are kept that way. And this bird may fly back - but no wild bird would put itself in the hands of humans by free will.
  • youngadventuressDo any animals come to humans by free will? Where's the line? @karasakakusu you see how this easily spirals out of control? You don't have to like any falconry photos and I welcome it when people question things, especially when traveling, but comparing the bird of prey hunting tradition in the UAE to zoos in Europe is a ridiculous statement.
  • karasakakusuDo you always insult your followers when they have different opinions than you? I said in my first reaction to your edit that I accepted yours. Well, what I don't accept is your tone. And what really is ridiculuos is you getting so upset about someone else thinking falconry is not the best thing in the world. So you're totally right: I don't have to like these pictures. And I don't have to follow anybody writing to me this way.
  • navcas2 beautiful noses :)
  • youngadventuress@karasakakusu this is how I always am, if you don't like my voice, don't follow me, though I think you misread my tone which is one of the big problems of social media. I wasn't insulting you and like I said I don't care when people disagree with me, I just said equating falconry to zoos doesn't make sense and you got huffy. you questioned me, I questioned you back. End of story.
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