• andrewrippMy new #selftitled album is here! Thank you to everyone who pre-ordered! If you haven't, grab it now!! (Link in bio)

  • hoolie_rBeen listening to it this morning. Sooo good.
  • natalieannhaydenCan't wait to listen! I pre-ordered! Visiting Drew and Amanda in a couple weeks, I'm sure they ordered theirs, too!
  • mirandagraham27That's a pretty awesome lineup of artists I must say!
  • davidbenBEST 👏🏻 NEWS 👏🏻
  • lhilton33YESSSSSSSSS AMAZING!!!!
  • steezymcgheeYou need to try out for the voice or something to get even bigger! You deserve more people listening to you!
  • myonlyright82@atroye Waiting Room.....jam
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