Tap video for sound
  • zoetica:::::::::::::

  • ninaeffgrimes 💖👐
  • creaturerhythmDEM DETAILS. How long do your point drawings take to finish? I feel like it would be dayssss 💗😩
  • zoetica@creaturerhythm months, actually!
  • dorkabrainDedication and professionalism! This is amazing. I need to learn that kind of patience.
  • nikkialykaOh man. Dem details. What size is the point on that pen? 😍
  • zoetica@nikkialyka That's a .30 :)
  • zoetica@dorkabrain ty <3
  • nikkialyka@zoetica Thank you! Can't wait to see more finished beautiful botany creatures.
  • weirdomcstrangeDaaaaaamn, girl! When I need to concentrate hard like this for something so painstaking and precise I always develop this intense, random urge to urinate sorry for leaving such a weird comment here OK bye
  • miles_obgWow. You have patience!
  • silverseraphinThat's just awesome!!! Btw. what is the song playing?
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