Ready to start stocking my freezer with bone broth! #wapf #paleo
  • tiffanycoconutmamaReady to start stocking my freezer with bone broth! #wapf #paleo

  • marianaacostacontrerasHow do you defrost it? Once I froze mine and my mason jar exploded 😞. Also how long can it be stored in the freezer so it keeps its nutrients?
  • healingforrealI did zip lock bags flat. Worked super awesome.
  • marsabelsky@marianaacostacontreras don't pour the broth into the jars all the way to the top. Leave about an inch to 2 of space. Liquid expands when freezes so it needs the room to "grow into." I defrost mine in the fridge so there's no drastic temp changes from the frozen to liquid. That can take at least 24 hrs. You can leave the broth frozen for at least two months if not more...nutrients are not going any where. Mine never lasts that long!
  • goldmountainbeautyLove bone broth ❤
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