• hellohomecoIt's that time again… Yay!! But I really need help this time because guess what?! I like ALL the pieces @stitchfix sent. I'll admit I'm very tempted to buy them all (and there is a discount if you do so). Which piece(s) do you like?!! 💕

    The choices are:
    1. Cream-colored shirt (I show you the back and front)
    2. Black shirt (has a cool crossed over drape in the front but it was too hard to get a shot of it)
    3. Striped cardigan with patches on the elbows
    4. Black sleeveless with embroidered detail
    5. Maxi dress (back/ front shown)

    HELP!!! 😊

    Link to Stitch Fix is temporarily in my profile if you want to check it out and/ or try it out!! #naptime #fun #momlife #clothes #clothing #wardrobe #style #stitchfix #stitchfixfriday #specialdelivery #friday #galmeetsfood

  • ry_wake👍
  • bjuarezLove them all! But if you have to choose, I really like the striped cardigan and the cream shirt with the cool back. I think I need to look into this... 👍🏼
  • jibbydelamoraI think I'm leaning toward #1... But they all are great. Can't make a wrong choice!
  • amanda.j.eggerJust keep them all
  • valeriegriffinWe have very similar style! I get my first box later this month and I hope my stylist does as good as yours. I say keep the all! You look great in every piece!
  • carleyspearsAbout how much is each item?
  • sarahgirl1981I have a shirt with draping on the front like you mentioned with the black one. I absolutely love it but it is very difficult to keep from being wrinkly. And because of the draping it is hard to iron. Just something to consider.
  • hellohomeco@bjuarez @jibbydelamora... the cream colored shirt is my FAVORITE!! They all fit just right though! :)
  • hellohomecoThanks @rynogolf!
  • hellohomeco@iamfearlessbliss... SO might!! :-)
  • hellohomeco@carleyspears... all these are $44-48. More than I would normally spend maybe, but I like that the shipping is free and you don't have to leave the house {saving you gas, time, stress, etc.} You pay a $20 styling fee and that goes towards whatever you purchase. If you choose nothing you lose the $20, but if you buy ALL of the items you save 25%. I have built up some credit from referring people so that helps! You get $25 for every person you refer who receives their shipment. Hope that helps!
  • hellohomeco@sarahgirl1981 thanks for mentioning that! I can see that happening with this shirt... probably would have to get it dry cleaned if I didn't want it wrinkly so it's definitely something to consider. THANKS!!
  • hellohomeco@valeriegriffin My first box I only liked one thing but my second box was AWESOME!! When you "Checkout" they have you review everything so they can style you better the next time(s). It's kind of a process I think. I know some people don't have anything in their box they like the first time and are discouraged & quit. This might be the right decision but it also might be a mistake because the stylists just don't know enough about the person's body type & likes yet. I mentioned how much I liked the style of my 2nd box in the checkout notes and how I loved my stylist's sweet note to me.... and the same gal styled me again for my third box {this one!} I hope you end up loving your box!! HAVE FUN! <3
  • carleyspearsOk cool! I check it out later! Leaving the house is not my thing lol
  • valeriegriffinOh yay! Awesome!
  • steph_m_rojasI love the black sleeveless & maxi dress but you can't go wrong with any of the pieces :)
  • cardigansandcrunchesYeah... This looks like a buy all! I'm not sure how you could decide... It all looks great! I especially love the white top and the maxi!
  • krista_pratchardThey are all terrific, but I am obsessed with the cream one! 💗
  • d.eye.y.makeupLove it all!!!!
  • hellohomecoI love posting this every few months because I love hearing what you love! It tells me something about who you are and I feel like we get to know each other a little bit. I went with the SMART decision instead of the FUN one… 😉 But it was the best one for our budget's sake! We have one car paid off and another car very very close to being paid off and that's more important right now! Anyhow, I picked the cream top and I love it! 💕
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