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  • jask.cheema@navii_mann can we order!
  • rinoye3@adeoluf but I want 😧😰😨😥
  • anajuliaqmcheck this account <3 @deboraqm
  • annaurdanetaGirl you slay me
  • mind.flowerzI love how heartfelt your poetry is and how it reveals your inner pain, but have you ever considered how much pain and suffering is in a bottle of milk or honey?
  • heyj.udeLotta cruelty in milk, but honey production is helping to save bee colonies that are dying off @mind_flowerz
  • mind.flowerz@r.ptides that makes absolutely no sense when the entire bee colony dies after we steal their honey.
  • santdnI love how people make assumptions about someone else being crazy before they actually do any research. Tell me how can you be a feminist when you support the rape of other females just because they are another species??? Milk would be ok if they didn't artificially inseminate cows or steal their day old babies (denying them every motherly instinct they have to care for their young) and making them live in their own feces and feeding them hormones (that only end up in those that consume it)... How is supported the inevitable slaughter of the dairy cows for leather and meat being a feminist... Don't answer that cuz the answer is YOU CANT BE ONE. Open your minds before your mouth... And possibly your heart... I'm Punjabi and lived in India for 10 years of my life. I can't imagine anyone in India supporting that treatment of animals esp such "sacred" ones to our culture... You post about violence towards people but did u forget animals are at our mercy and are being tortured for no crimes and feel every ounce of pain... I don't see a person as a humanitarian if they can't embrace that every living being should be devoid of pain. Your poetry is good but the use of it in ur poetry because of chosen ignorance towards such a cruel industry when we are in such a great position of privilege will stop me from supporting you in any way.
  • santdn@problematic.opinions I guess u think artificial insemination of another species by shoving ur hand up their ass is normal but I don't..... Sorry not sorry.
  • santdn@problematic.opinions u know.. A female (just of another species) that can NOT give consent
  • santdn@problematic.opinions I'm not calling myself a feminist because I don't drink milk but rape is rape no matter the species
  • santdn@problematic.opinions that definition is exactly why I wouldn't call myself a feminist. It's about equal rights for EVERYONE. No one issue is separate from another. Every -ism overlaps. For every species. It does to me. I don't care for labels. I don't even agree with every vegan (example a: this). And women equal to men. As if women don't abuse men. Whatever. I'm done responding to this.
  • heartless_wraith@nimishav9
  • mercymargiela_she's gorgeous @lizziepowwow !!
  • rebeccaliz_@abbyvsmith read ALL of her stuff 😍😍
  • betdakid_3k😍😍😍@clappclapp17 you need to read her poems
  • andi_babyyYou save me thank you
  • miriam.panjwani@soffia_d
  • _yannazShe the one who wrote it @hope__is__dope
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