• kerihilson☀️

  • jayjay_love21@beystan81 ohhhh thank you
  • wahbinasrU A FLOP ASS BISH
  • marckyjorgeLook your boobs
  • marckyjorgeYou can kill me
  • saeemalyeWhen she dissed Ciara and Beyoncé, that's when I lost total respect for her. Smh
  • lucheer^ lol .. I love you Keri
  • granturismoofficial^I honestly can't believe people are still talking about that disstrack she made. Like honestly, that was so long ago. Sure it was a mistake on her side, but damn don't you think a person changes? I think Keri and even Beyoncé got over it already, so should you and I don't think that Beyoncé condones any of the ugly things some of y'all are still saying. Keri seems like a supernice and down to earth person, of course I don't know her personally, but that's what I make up out of watching videos of her. She doesn't deserve that hate, at least not anymore. So I think y'all should step back and keep it to yourselves. After all, she's another human being and your ugly words and those of thousands of others have hurt her a lot in the past. The beehive and other fans went too far on that. So go back to where you came from but leave this boo alone if you got nothing nice to say. @saeemalye @wahbinasr @beystan81 @zaddyonce
  • granturismoofficialI truly believe that fans like you put Beyoncé to shame, you misrepresent her and what she stands for. It's sad to see. @beystan81 @zaddyonce
  • damienday_officialKeri where are you
  • justinbyrdWya wit ya fine ass ?
  • granturismoofficial*when you have no sensible argument so you start projecting* shut up, I bet you have written "paragraphs" (it's not even that long) about things that matter to you. I don't need help, maybe you do. @saeemalye
  • granturismoofficialIt's pretty sad that you come over here to be super petty, and I've seen you here before commenting negative stuff. You desperate? Pretty sad. I'm not mad over someone's opinion, but I don't condone hate especially not when it's against someone I like and when it's over something that's not even relevant anymore so yes I will speak up against it. I wasn't looking for arguments, I wasn't even being rude to anyone. Just trying to make you see that your ways are unasked for. I hope I made it clear to you, my point has been made. You can go now, byeeee 👋 @saeemalye
  • granturismoofficialAgain projecting, you're pathetic 😊 @saeemalye
  • rksleee👌👌👌
  • bhuti_giftLb
  • fari_felix;0
  • flyerkingPlease help me find the 1!!!
  • flyerkingPlease help me find the 1!!!
  • ghostwriterkny9.42
  • dnwylieBuy my book Stay Off The Radar. Greatest story ever told! Link in my bio
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