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  • liberate_cetaceansThis is a video of an orca show at the #moskavarium also known as the #moscowaquarium. The show involves three trainers 'controlling' three recently caught transient orcas.

    One of the trainers approaches the orcas, slips, and falls into the tank. There is a commotion with the orcas and one of the other trainers rushes to help the fallen trainer get out. The orcas continue to move around erratically with one even slapping the stage with it's fluke near where the trainer was mere seconds ago. this could be mere coincidence or the orca displaying aggression or playful behaviour.

    For the rest of the show the orcas seemed distracted and only performed a few behaviours (mostly jumping on the slide out). The orcas are currently being trained for waterworks, this is a dangerous situation. Transients are not as mellow as residents and, as we are already painfully aware, captive orcas are capable of attacking and killing humans.

    The first captive death caused by an orca attack involved a similar situation. In 1991 at sealand of the Pacific Keltie Byrne slipped and fell into a pool with Tilikum, Nootka IV, and Haida II. Although some reports claim Tilikum grabbed Keltie's boot as it dipped into the water. The orcas took turns dragging her around and pulling her under until she drowned.
    These orcas should not be being kept in this dingy indoor tank performing ridiculous tricks for our amusement. It is not only cruel but unsafe.

    It's only a matter of time....an accident waiting to happen.

  • oceanic_advocateThank you for posting these videos, it's easy to forget about the Russian orca's 'cause not many people take pictures or videos of them, and the ones that do often include Russian captions which are very hard to understand. So thank you for posting about them 😊
  • koryzj90I hate them
  • oceanic_advocateThere's a really strong sense of Déjà Vu with the 3 orcas in the tank, and a women falls in. She's lucky they didn't attack her. Like you said, it's an accident waiting to happen.
  • liberate_cetaceans@be_humane No need to thank me 😊 I also noticed the lack of posts about them. I'd like to do an account about them or post about them more but there is so little information on them. I read somewhere that the Moscow aquarium is not allowing people to take pictures or film shows so that might explain the lack of updates. I think besides the strange tail swipe the orcas reacted quite well in this situation. But they're showing signs of stress already so I worry for them and the trainers :/
  • sarahjanegannonThey're apex predators. They don't belong in tanks!
  • liberate_cetaceans@sarahjanegannon exactly 🙌
  • seaplane1111I hope the orcas eat the lot! :'(
  • homefullof.loveLooks like aggression/panic to me! I feel so sorry for these beautiful animals! They deserve so much better!
  • homefullof.loveIf you also watch it so closely, it's not the middle Whale that flicks it's tail! It's the Whale to the left!
  • liberate_cetaceans@jenscentaholic Yeah I thought the same thing. They definitely do 😔
  • captivity_is_crueltyWhat's the name of this video please? Or the link if possible.
  • captivity_is_crueltyAnd the one before this.
  • liberate_cetaceans@captivity_is_cruelty Can't remember but I'll have a look for you
  • captivity_is_crueltyOkay, thank you @liberate_cetaceans
  • liberate_cetaceans@captivity_is_cruelty https://instagram.com/p/7yG603R9jX/
  • liberate_cetaceansThat's the aggression one
  • liberate_cetaceans@captivity_is_cruelty the falling on the face one https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0pz-sC3UuH4
  • captivity_is_crueltyThank you @liberate_cetaceans
  • jmaddox516Their account did confirm they are planning on incorporating water works into the shows.
  • liberate_cetaceans@jcrossm516 I was recently made aware of that but hadn't updated this caption yet, thanks for informing me anyway.
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