When she's emotional. #EbrahimAseem #SpeakLife

Just spoke this message to a group of men who want to be husbands
  • fuel4thebodyWhen she's emotional. #EbrahimAseem #SpeakLife

    Just spoke this message to a group of men who want to be husbands
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  • feistykeekah@fuel4thebody It's such a shame that this way of thinking and being is so difficult for some men to adopt and adapt to because they were not taught how to.
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  • nythefrenchyOh my gosh, who are you and why aren't all men like you, sheesh, your words are my motivation, as it should be everyone's
  • jd_kingdomman@cre8ivebeauti
  • veegarcia713@rolo335i
  • djboone501I disagree because alot of females try to be boastful towards men and when a disagreement is counter productive its time to move around. Bro alot of these women are fatherless and have no respect for black men because they arent familar with how men flow or function. I had a grandfather and i had a father my parents were married 49 years. You need to drop some self help stuff on these females to tell them to stop having wreckless lifestyles in their 20s & 30s and stop choosing these thugs for soulmates. You sound like a preacher on Sunday appealing to the majority of black women. If alot of them listen more to some real men besides the preacher man or white man it will improve their lives. They want all this magic from us men,but want allow us to lead or stand for them. If I can change your flat tire,allow me to change your heart. Alot of good men have to deal with the aftermath of women who fail themselves due to bad decision making. I respect your opinion but refuse to yield all the responsibility on men to simply accept or deal with certain women based on their choices. Why reward people for some of social dysfunction. Maybe i dont wanna go all out with my genuine man qualities to deal with a woman thats gonna be 50% of a lady to me. But we suppose to be 100% Thats a simp move. If yall want better you have to start doing better in your social phases of life. Its alot of men who been raised by women,this is no knock on single moms. But its a real issues when 70 % of black women start familes or have babies and no man is present. Alot of these men in todays society dont know how to be men or know where to start. This is a great attempt at yielding to the ways of women,this isnt a empowerment in my opinion. I salute your efforts but respectfully disagree with some of the thoughts.
  • oyin_beke@justdme how u can deal with me pretty much every time
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