• briansolisGood artists copy, great artists steal.” You may think that quote belongs to Steve Jobs. Or, if you believe Steve Jobs, you might believe these words were spoken by Picasso. With a little homework, experts point to T.S. Eliot. The real source is W.H. Davenport who wrote in 1892, “to imitate is commendable, but to steal was unworthy.” To all those who steal the ideas of others and claim them as your own, you are not artists. You are not thought leaders. And, you are not helping anyone by lying or claiming fair use.
    At the core, you are hucksters, thieves and charlatans who sell your personal brands on the imagination and dedication of those who see and do what you cannot. With time, your perjury will either inspire those whose ideas you’ve stolen to retake their work or reveal the hollowness of your deceit or deservedly both. - @briansolis,
  • magitamIntriguing! Now it gets me all curious as to the truth of the statement!
  • magsedoyleWay to say it Brian. As a creative that constantly gets my ideas pillaged by others, I can relate. It shocks me that it happens right in a meeting sometimes. But creatives have to get tougher I think as the creative economy flourishes there will be an increasing need for original thinking then who will call the shots I ask you?
  • kokasextonThis is great!
  • aleecegermanoAgreed.
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